Funny ABC v2.0 - learn the alphabet the funny way

The video demonstrates how an iPhone user can use the Funny ABC application and how to customize its settings by choosing the difficulty level, the number of minutes to play or the number of letters per lesson..

Help your children learn the alphabet by using this interactive, voice-based application with colourful cartoons and letters.

This educational application is based on 2 activities: one for learning the letters through examples (a female voice pronouncing the letter and the associated cartoons) and one for playing with the newly learned letters by choosing the correct one from a list of five.

The entire game is voice assisted allowing your child to start a session of learning or playing without the help of an adult.

The application allows you to choose between three levels of difficulty, to set a maximum number of letters per lesson and the number of minutes for the playing session.

Funny ABC menu

Funny ABC v2.0 has been launched

Enjoy better graphics and improved performance with this newly launched version of Funny ABC.

Funny ABC settings

Funny ABC free

A free version of Funny ABC has been launched, with access to all features and the possibility to purchase the v2.0 version at any time.

Funny ABC for Android

A free version of Funny ABC for Android has been launched in October 2012 with the same features as the iPhone versions.